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Our journey at PacBak is fueled by two things: inspirational innovation and solving real-world problems. We’re committed to providing solutions that enhance outdoor experiences and elevate everyday lifestyles, whatever that might look like.

Explore the world of PacBak and discover the new standard in outdoor gear.


"You catch a fish, fillet it, put it in zip-top bags, throw it in the cooler - and when you get home, the real work starts. You have to clean the cooler, get out your vacuum sealer, bag and process your fish, and then clean everything up. It’s a terrible process. No one likes it."

So we decided to do something about it.



Our rotomolded cooler is strong and durable and includes multiple compartments, plus one for our ROAM 18-V battery-operated vacuum sealer.



Our first-of-its-kind, battery-operated portable vacuum sealer lets you properly preserve and store the freshness of your catch.



Our insulated, Byway Backpack allows you to easily pack our battery-operated portable vacuum sealer and other accessories.



  • Myranda Walso


    High quality hats at great price!

    "These hats are super high quality, and hold up well. They are also stylish and look great. Love all the different color options and styles."

    Peak Series Trucker Hat
  • Eugene Rea/Senior Guide - 5280 Angler


     An essential Item

    "As a full-time Professional Fly Fishing Guide, part of my daily routine includes providing a quality lunch to my clients. The P88-MK Cooler and Vucuum sealer is the perfect compliment to my lunch prep. The large capacity cooler easily accomodates all beverages, ice, and lunch items. And leftovers? - no problem, the vacuum sealer seals all leftovers so there is no waste. The large surface area and detachable table provides enough surface area to lay out food items. Clients love the look and functionality of the cooler and do I."

    P88-MK Cooler & ROAM 18-V Vacuum Sealer Combo
  • S.H.


    Hunting cooler level up!

    "Used this all hunting season. 7 day trip, and 5 day trip. Ice kept and drinks stayed perfectly cool. We used the vacuum sealer on 2 deer and 1 antelope and only charged once inbetween. Couldn’t ask for a better all in 1 setup! 5/5 ⭐️"

    P88-MK Cooler & ROAM 18-V Vacuum Sealer Combo
  • Neil


    Most Impressive Thing At Green Top Expo

    "A buddy and I saw Brian and the PacBak team at the Green Top Expo this past weekend and the Cooler/Vacuum Sealer combo was easily the most impressive thing we saw there. It's insane to even think that a company designed something so all-in-one like this. I wish I had an extra thousand dollars laying around because I would have bought it no questions asked. Going to ask for it for Christmas, ha!" 

    P88-MK Cooler & ROAM 18-V Vacuum Sealer Combo
  • Susie Busta


     The only cooler you need

    "I cannot say enough good things about this cooler, vacuum sealer combo. They literally made this for the fisherwoman I am. Your fish will never be fresher, or easier to transport! We cannot wait to test it out further during our hunting seasons!"

    P88-MK Cooler & ROAM 18-V Vacuum Sealer Combo
  • A.C.



    I love that this is portable and I can take it anywhere, without worrying about needing a power source. This is perfect for camping.

    Roam Portable Vacuum Sealer
  • M.R.


    Time saver = taste saver!

    "Instead of getting back to base and having to fillet and seal all the fish later. I was able to do it right there on the river while my buddies were still working on catching their limit. With sealing the salmon right away I had more time to be lazy and enjoy the scenery. Cheers!"

    Roam Portable Vacuum Sealer
  • M.R.


    Best of the best!

    "Used the cooler for the first time on a 4 day camping trip. Put only two bags of ice in it and when we got home and unpacked. All the ice was still “ice”! Best cooler I’ve ever owned!"

    P88-MK Cooler
  • Matthew Rodriguez


     Convenient and easy!

    "This backpack is awesome. I was able to go down to the Kenai river in Alaska using this backpack with all of my fishing gear, along with my poles attached. Once I reached my limit for the day I filleted the sockeye and vacuum sealed them right there on the river. Can’t get much fresher than that!"

    Byway Backpack
  • Breanne Jada


    The Ultimate Cooler

    "I no longer need to pack an unnecessary amount of equipment and tools for my adventures. This cooler is the perfect solution for all outdoors folk who are getting out in the wilderness wanting to keep their catches and harvests fresh. The table top feature is a game changer, along with the vacuum sealer storage compartment."

    P88-MK Cooler & ROAM 18-V Vacuum Sealer Combo
  • Will Davis Jr


    Best cooler on the market!

    "Traveling across the United States fishing the Bassmaster Elite series, PacBak is my choice of coolers! The cooler is tough and keeps my drinks and food cold! It holds ice along time!"

    P88-MK Cooler & ROAM 18-V Vacuum Sealer Combo
  • Josh Gibbons


     Game Changer

    "I absolutely love that I can clean and seal my ducks away from home. No more feathers in the driveway and the garage. The battery powered vacuum sealer is a game changer and a must have item for anyone who loves the outdoors."

    Roam Portable Vacuum Sealer
  • C.F.


    "This Cooler is a true standout. Its ice retention is impressive, and the built-in collapsible table is a game-changer. Durable, portable, and even looks BA! This thing exceeded all my expectations during outdoor adventures. Money well spent for a top-notch cooler. ★★★★★"

    P88-MK Cooler & ROAM 18-V Vacuum Sealer Combo
  • Jana Weltzin


     This is also great for moms!

    "I've been using this cooler/backpack to keep my baby's snacks and milk fresh! its got so many great compartments - I know its not designed for this but its an amazing mom bag for active mom's!"

    Byway Backpack
  • Myranda Walso


    Love the pulse seal options

    "Using this to save fish and berries ahead of winter was fantastic. Love the options to pulse seal, really convenient."

    Roam Portable Vacuum Sealer

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