ROAM 18-V Portable Vacuum Sealer
ROAM 18-V Portable Vacuum Sealer
ROAM 18-V Portable Vacuum Sealer
ROAM 18-V Portable Vacuum Sealer
ROAM 18-V Portable Vacuum Sealer
ROAM 18-V Portable Vacuum Sealer

ROAM 18-V Portable Vacuum Sealer

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If you’ve ever tasted freshly caught fish, cooked as soon as it’s out of the water, you know there’s no turning back. With the ROAM 18-V Battery-Operated Vacuum Sealer, you can enjoy that fresh taste anytime. Our first-of-its-kind, battery-operated wireless vacuum sealer lets you properly store and preserve the freshness of your catch whether you’re on a boat enjoying the ocean, hiked into your favorite river bank or kayaking on the lake. The portable vacuum sealer features a replaceable, rechargeable battery that gives you 40+ seals on a single charge (varies based on bag volume).

It’s compact, lightweight, and designed to fit perfectly into our backpacks and hard coolers, so you can take it with you on any kind of fishing adventure, large or small.

  • Alaskan Engineered
  • First-ever fully functional, battery-operated vacuum sealer with replaceable and rechargeable battery
  • Battery can be charged internally or outside of the vacuum sealer
  • 40-plus seals per battery charge (varies based on bag volume)
  • Extra, easy-to-install batteries available for extended use
  • Removable bag-roll holder accommodates any roll up to 10" wide 
  • Built-in bag cutter 
  • Seals any off-the-shelf precut bag up to 11½" wide
  • Designed for easy packing in made-to-fit in PacBak™ coolers and backpacks
  • Replaceable heat strips
  • Built-in slip-resistant easy grip handle
  • Compatible with vacuum seal canisters 
  • Dry, Moist and Canister sealer settings
  • “Seal only” option for making custom bags or double sealing
  • “Manual pulse” option to control vacuum pressure for delicate foods
  • Battery-level indicator light 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I love that this is portable and I can take it anywhere, without worrying about needing a power source. This is perfect for camping.

Time saver = taste saver!

Instead of getting back to base and having to fillet and seal all the fish later. I was able to do it right there on the river while my buddies were still working on catching their limit. With sealing the salmon right away I had more time to be lazy and enjoy the scenery. Cheers!

Josh Gibbons
Game Changer

I absolutely love that I can clean and seal my ducks away from home. No more feathers in the driveway and the garage. The battery powered vacuum sealer is a game changer and a must have item for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Love the pulse seal options

Using this to save fish and berries ahead of winter was fantastic. Love the options to pulse seal, really convenient.

Bryan Allan
A true game changer

The battery powered vacuum sealer is amazing. We used it in the field running on the batteries and it performed amazingly. Then we used it back at the house plugged in and it performed just as good. The tray for the roll and the cutter make this thing so easy to use. This was so well thought out and designed by people who obviously know their stuff. I truly think all outdoorsmen need this product.